Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Call me basic – but I love pumpkin ales! I actually did not try my first one until last year, it was Ballast Point’s “Pumpkin Down.” I absolutely loved that beer and tried to find it again this year, but had no such luck. I decided to give Schlafly’s Pumpkin Ale a try and I am so thankful that I did. I first tasted this beer at the Global Brew in Edwardsville, IL. My fiancé has a loyalty card, there, and we get extra points for each different beer we try – so I had every intention of switching beers between each pint. After I got one sip of this Schlafly creation, I knew that plan was out the window. I kept downing Pumpkin Ale after Pumpkin Ale and I regret nothing…except maybe the god, awful hangover I woke up with the next morning. Naturally, I had to buy a 6-pack of it to have at home too.

This beer is very rich in color, it’s somewhere between a beautiful amber tone and a deep ruby – and very opaque. When I poured it for myself, I noticed that the head retention was very small. At first pour, it had about a quarter-inch head, but that quickly dissipated. It smelled like pumpkin pie in a glass – sweet and slightly malty. The beer is highly carbonated, but that mouth-feel was primarily present at the front of the tongue. The majority of the flavor fell in the middle and was medium-bodied at most. By the time the liquid reached the back of my mouth, the flavor is mostly drifted off except the slight sense of spice.

I love October. I love the crisp air that breaks through the disgusting humidity of a Midwestern summer. I love wearing my sweaters and breaking out my boots. I love eating chili and drinking hot tea. I love switching my Yankee candles from tropical to spiced. And I LOVE the transition from summer beers to fall. Pumpkin season doesn’t last long – so I like the soak up every minute of it that I can, regardless of the consequences…regardless of the hangovers.


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